Tennis vs Football, which one is more humble

I read this online in Sports Illustrated today.

Is anyone else offended by Gael Monfils doing his little dance after match point, but BEFORE the postmatch handshake against Nalbandian? To me, that’s completely disrespectful of your opponent. Not to mention, the kind of showboating I’d rather not see in tennis.
Chris, Rockford, Minn.

• Disagree. I like Monfils’ emoting and “showboating,” particularly since it’s done with a sense of fun. If he were a jerk it would be one thing, but this is just an expressive kid enjoying himself. I vote to give him a pass.

I personally enjoy it when winners fall to the ground like Nadal did at the Wimbledon.  It’s adds imagery to what’s going on inside their head for that monent like, “I’ve put my heart and soul into this match and I barely made it.”

Have you even dedicated 15+ years of your like to something to finally start breaking out and becoming successful?  A handful of these tennis players fill that. 

The founders of Roomba (Rod Brooks, Colin Angle, and Helen Greiner) didn’t feel it until after 15 years with a vision of the future of what robots could do in the homes.  No showboating from these guys.  They just plugging away at a dream that happened to work out.  They are very humble considering the success of the company.

Compare this to football when they score the winning touchdown they typically showboat before they ever get their. This shows off how they are superior to their opponents….not a big fan of this.

In the long run people want to see someone who is humble about their expertise.  They can be confident but humble.  A display at the end of a match should be held until after the final handshake out of respect to the other player, but then again…… I’ve never played in Arthur Ashe Stadium.


One response to “Tennis vs Football, which one is more humble

  1. Warren Flanagam

    Gael Monsils if fit…give him credit.

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