Can Rafael Nadal win the 2008 US Open?

Nadal roll saround in victory

Nadal roll saround in victory

This first week of September, the tennis community will be biting their nails watching to see whether Nadal will close the deal this summer or whether Federer will be able to bounce back with the mental challenges of having the No. 1 ranking torn from his grasp for the first time in 1/20th of a century.

Nadal has never made it past the quarterfinals at the US Open or Australian Open, which are played on hard courts – (except once). And other players, such as #3 Novak Djokovic, who will be looking to follow up on his win over Federer in this year’s Australian Open, and past US Open champ Andy Roddick, could easily take the trophy for the tournament as well.

But the major story line in tennis now is the highly publicized rivalry between Federer and Nadal. “If Rafa wins the US Open, it will really, really put incredible pressure on Roger,” says David Egdes, senior vice president of the Tennis Channel. “Is Nadal going to dominate the same way that Roger did, or will Roger respond and raise the level of his game? It’s a big question mark.”

Is Federer closing this chapter in his career and moving into the history books or will he prove to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come? We will see…..


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