Tennis legend supporting Sarah Palin?

Sarah Polin poses for Vogue magazine

Sarah Polin poses for Vogue magazine

Billie Jean King calling Palin “awesome,” “honest,” and “real” seems to catch us all by surprise around here. It seems the American public is flip son the topic of what Palin is about. King is just expressing the irony of how everyone (both Democrats and Republicans) keeps flip-flopping. “No to Hillary Clinton because she has too much experience! No to Sarah Palin because she has too little experience!”

It seems the article misrepresented what King was trying to say. “Last Friday, reporter from the New York Observer asked me what I thought about Sarah Palin. I told her I thought Sarah Palin was honest and real. I believe that.”

The statement went on, “But, that in no way should be viewed as an endorsement of any kind.”

Added the statement, “I oppose many of the positions of Sarah Palin, particularly those tied to the LGBT community.”

I guess that clarifies where Billie Jean King stands.  What about Palin posing in Vogue, that’s a whole new way to get publicity.  I give her points on that. What’s up with vendor running out of badges with Mrs Palin’s picture and the legend: “Coldest State, Hottest Governor.”


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