Guillermo Canas, tennis star robbed blind

You ever had a rough dinner at your parents house? Good old Canas had it worse off this night.

Guillermo Canas naked? not quite....

Copyright & Photo taken by Yvonne Westers

Two armed robbers – who reportedly did not recognize this professional athlete (like they watch the news??) – threatened the player and took one racket he was carrying, along with his identity documents, credit cards, some cash and a chain he wore.

They fled in Canas’ convertible.

Over the weekend, the tennis player had been part of the Argentine team that beat Russia in the semi-finals of the Davis Cup in Buenos Aires.

When he was attacked, Canas was leaving his parents’ home after dinner.

Now remember this was in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It’s a good chance that his “convertible” was probably one of those old Ford Falcons you see lining the streets everywhere.

Guillermo Canass Ford Falcon stolen

Guillermo Canas's Ford Falcon stolen


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