Tennis can be harmful to your health?

Tennis injury

Tennis injury

I was just reading an article over at Cnet about the rise of injuries ralted to the nintendo wii.  It basically states their are numerous more injuries related to people hitting things or each other when playing the wii………duh.  Their are 35 million nintendo wii consoles out their now.  With the increase in consoles their will be a correlation in increased injuries related to the device.  Imagine if their were 35 million more tennis players next year than this year?  Do you think tennis related injuries would go up, especially tennis elbow?

It seems that if you play tennis enough their is a chance you will get hurt.  In 1997 their were 22,294 injuries related to tennis.   Ironically their were 82,722 injuries related to trampolines.  BTW, Tennis is also a leading source of eye injury in female adults.  But, I must say  the effects of sitting on your couch are even more dangerous, check the American Heart Association “Physical Inactivity Study” for info on that.

I have had a third degree high ankle sprain from playing tennis back in my late 20’s BUT it was totally worth.  It’s much more manly to say you were injured on the tennis court than with your Nintendo Wii OR opening up your fridge.  At least I get to keep my man card when I’m hurt playing a legitimate sport.

Taking the risks if injury in tennis is worth it…. just make sure you stretch beforehand and know your limits.


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