Prince EXO3 racket reviews & photos

Prince officially launches the EXO3 series to the world on January 15th, 2008. No coincidence that it’s the same time as the Australian Open.

Prince EXO3 rackets

Prince EXO3 rackets

They have reinforced their reputation as an innovative company that creates significant “buzz” with the release of any new frames. The Prince EXO3 is no exception. With the success of Gael Monfils, the Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 has already established itself on the men’s tour. And after playing with it myself, I’d be surprised if this frame doesn’t find favor with many more touring pros. Somehow it re-writes the laws of physics to capture more energy – at impact – before it is wasted, and channel it back into the ball on every shot. The result activates a blend of power, spin and comfort with exceptional feel.

The heart of EXO3 technology is a patented, revolutionary engineering feat called the Energy BridgeTM which suspends the string bed, expands the sweet spot and delivers a myriad of playing benefits. In fact, 77% of the strings never come into contact with the frame allowing the strings to move more freely, unlike traditionally constructed racquets which restrict them.

Quick Technical Facts About Prince EXO3

* Energy BridgeTM – An exo skeletal structure made from a blend of multiple
strands of carbon fiber that creates tennis` first suspended string bed. The
suspended string bed increases the virtual headsize of the racquet and reduces
frame vibration.
* Energy ChannelTM – A sculpted groove within the frame that enhances the
dynamic benefits of the Energy BridgeTM to provide added stability, boost ball
control and increase spin.

EXO3 delivers up to 26% more energy back into the ball

Sweetspot Up to an 83% larger sweet spot
Spin Up to a 26% increase in spin
Comfort Up to 50% reduction in frame vibration
Control Up to 25% more control

Commenting on the new development of his Research & Development staff, John Embree, President of Prince Sports Americas, said, “One of the beauties of EXO3 is that its core technology delivers benefits that will be appreciated by all levels of frequent players. We have carefully applied this technology to each specific model in the line in order to address
all segments of the market. While the game improvement models will continue to delight the millions of players who have looked to Prince innovation over the
years to help them play better and have more fun on court, two true player spec models will offer state-of-the-art performance to advanced level competitors and
provide us with the ammunition to re-launch our assault on this growing segment of the market.”

George Napier, Chairman and CEO of Prince Sports, Inc added, “Our ongoing goal at Prince is to build products that help players play better
and EXO3 is a bit of sports equipment magic that will help raise their game.  I`m not prone to using superlatives but EXO3 takes everything you need in a tennis racquet, to
play better, to the next level. The sweet spot is huge (up to 83% bigger than a traditional sweet spot). The feel at impact is soft, but there is plenty of
power, making it easy on your arm and hard on your opponent. And the racquet generates extra spin – allowing you to hit through the shot confidently.”

There will be four models and six frames in Prince`s new EXO3 line to address all levels of competitors, from the frequent player to the advanced competitor.
For additional information on the EXO3 line, visit any of the links below:

The Prince EXO3 series lineup – click to find out more on each racket:

* Prince EXO3 Silver 118
* Prince EXO3 Red 105
* Prince EXO3 Graphite 100
* Prince EXO3 Graphite 93
* Prince EXO3 Rebel 95
* Prince EXO3 Rebel Team 95

I’m sure we will be hearing more and more about these once the average joe gets his hands on these and starts tearing it up at the local courts.  Have you played with one of these? What do you think of these rackets?  Let us know.

Prince exo3 frames

Prince exo3 frames

8 responses to “Prince EXO3 racket reviews & photos

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  2. I have just received my EXO3 today. It is the best racket I’ve ever played with. I was worried that with such a large head it may have a trampoline effect, resulting in little spin. It didn’t. There is more spin coming off this racket than a racket with an 80 inch head and much tighter strings. But don’t let this make you think it compromises power, there is still plenty on tap. This is an excellent racket.

    • I’m a big fan of the older o3 series, have both the blue and red and love them to death. Once I’m tired of them I’m sure I’ll go to the EXO3 line.

  3. Discount Squash Rackets

    I like the EXO3 very much, i am a big fan of it.

  4. Ease of maneuvering, bigger power and accurate serves, I replaced strings with Head RIP Control (65 gauge), made huge improvementas it had trampoline effect with std strings fitted.

  5. i have had the exo3 silver for two months, and it has snapped in two, not from smashing rackets but just from playing, and this is the third time it has happened. and i have spent over 1000 pounds on exo 3 rackets and they have all broke, one even broke with factory strings in which rules out the possiblity of strings beeing too tight. i recommend not to use this racket because it will put a hole in your wallet over and over again, and to be honest the heads are too big and you cannot get as much accelaration through the ball. prince are an awful racket company and i have moved to wilson and my game has improved 10000 percent. dont make theese mistakes.

    • Matt,
      I’ve had my red prince exo3 for 2 years and had no problems. My good buddy, who’s a NTRP 3.5 that plays 4x a week in California hass a exo3 silver and has no problems. He swears by it.

  6. EXO3 Red 105 gave me so much control without compromising any of that real power you want the racket to genrate. It has done wonders to improving my game. Tried the Babolat Pure Drive and Aero Pro Lines but found them to be much less forgiving.

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