Rafael Nadal & Fernando Verdasco, the greatest tennis match of all time

How many of you saw this amazing semifinal between two great Spaniards? This one is going in the history books as the longest match in Australian Open history (five hours and 14 minutes) and the most memorable yet. With a final score of 6-7 (4-7), 6-4, 7-6 (7-2), 6-7 (1-7), 6-4 I know they must have been exhausted at 1am in the morning. I’m only functioning at that time of day even with a shot from a Frappuccino. You can see a hint of what this game was like over at Youtube here.

Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

JANUARY 30: Rafael Nadal of Spain falls to the ground after winning match point in his semifinal match against Fernando Verdasco of Spain at the 2009 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 30, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia. This is the kind of tennis I dream to watch. Every time I’ve gone to a venue in person I’m always watching the “other” match that is not having all of these amazing moments. Thanks God for the internet where we can relive the greatest moments quickly as people post them. I can’t wait to watch the final between Roger Federer and Nadal. I know it will be good but I doubt it will even touch the magnificence of the match that happened last night between Nadal & Verdasco.

What was your favorite point? Do you think Fernando Verdasco is going to break into the top 15 this year?


5 responses to “Rafael Nadal & Fernando Verdasco, the greatest tennis match of all time

  1. It was an amazing game ruined by Jim Courier inane comments throughout the game. Other commentators saved my sanity and let me enjoy one of the best games i have seen

  2. Hum… Verdasco was already in the top 15 before this tournament and he’s now in the top 10 as of Monday…

  3. I love RAFA!! He my all time favorite!! I think that the match was amazing. Everything that was done was done correctly. It was very amazing seeing the longest tennis match in the history of the Australian Open!! I enjoyed seeing the Spainards competing against each other!! I loved it and I have watched it about five times since the actual game!!

    • It was an amazing match. I wish I had the free time you have to watch it five times. I actually hope someone puts a highlight reel together on YouTube of the best points.

  4. I love this game 🙂

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