Roger Federer knocked up Mirka Vavrinec, now pregnant

Here’s a quick  picture of Roger Federer & Mirka Vavrinec.


Mirka Vavrinex & Roger Federer now pregnant

Mirka Vavrinec & Roger Federer now pregnant

Former #1 tennis player Roger Federer has announced that his girlfriend Mirka Vavrinec is pregnant with their first child. The 30-year-old Vavrinec, who also serves as Federer’s manager, is a former WTA Tour player.

“This is a dream come true for us,” the 27-year-old said in a post to visitors on his website on Thursday. “We love children and we are looking forward to being parents for the first time. Mirka is feeling great and everything is going well.” Ironically in 2007 he was quoted as saying, “Thoughts like family and marriage cross my mind more and more often.” I guess so, since you seem to at least have started the family part.

He also stated his greatest fear was, “accidents, illness or injuries to my loved ones and myself.”. So are you afraid now that Mirka is pregnant, I am guessing it was an accident?

The baby is due in the summer, he added. The couple met at the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000.

Unlike Levi Johnston, Federer is not saying he’s going to marry the girl. As you know recently Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter Bristol and her boyfriend, Levi Johnston, have called off their engagement, about 10 weeks after the birth of their child. Federer has not moral feelings to marry a woman he does not love. He is her shawty, a friend with benefits.

Here’s a great YouTube video highlighting their “love”.


11 responses to “Roger Federer knocked up Mirka Vavrinec, now pregnant

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  2. slt a tous je ve felesité federrer de retoure tre four a rolond garous et bbnne chounche yassine ou maroc

  3. Your comment is a low blow but classifies you as a Vellala who should be excised from my personal reading.

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  5. i love R Federer ……….

  6. In the bigining Iwould fink roger for him good play and I would said congratilition for him wins and I love you roger verry match

  7. I love u roger …

  8. federer congrats i heard tat u got an twins its so happy to hear my dear ur wife is so cute &ur babies r also so cute my dear federer

  9. ur wife is so cute federer &ur babies r also cute

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