Retirement or play ball, Roger Federer needs to decide

Roger Federer ready for retirement?

Roger Federer ready for retirement?

Roger Federer is starting to look alot like Marat Safin lately. What happened at the recent loss at the Rome Masters? Federer wasted service breaks in the second and third sets. This guy has not won a tournament since taking the title in October at home in Basel, Switzerland. Their is a high chance he will go 12 months without a title.

“I feel like this is not a match I should have given away,” Federer said. “I usually don’t give away opportunities like this.” Of course Safina is getting irritated at her brother too. “He should put his whole heart into playing tennis or quit,” his sister Dinara Safina advised this past Monday.

Former world number one Safin has failed to win back-to-back matches in nine of his last 10 tournaments, often perishing despite being in a winning position. Sounds like what Federer is doing late.y.

The 29-year-old was knocked out of last week’s Rome Masters in the first round by Tommy Robredo after throwing away a 6-2 4-1 lead. “He knows he’s going to retire (at the end of) this year, so it’s tough,” Safina told reporters at the Italian Open on Monday. “I would say that if you want to retire, either you do it or you play. He doesn’t. So he should make a decision if he wants to play or if he wants to retire.

“He was supposed to (have) already retired last year and he’s still going. He’s a little bit unpredictable.” Of course so is Federer. Their are cries from his fan base to hire a new coach but it would be better if Federer just decided to put everything into playing instead of focusing on possibly losing each match.

It it time for Federer to retire or play?


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