Roger Federer is betterer & joins Pete Sampras as a tennis legend

Roger Federer wins the French Open, finally

Roger Federer wins the French Open, finally

Is Federer the greatest tennis player ever or just one og the legends now?  Of course, Roger would have preferred to enter history without the retarded Jimmy Jump disrupting his game but old Federer proved he could still even win with a distraction as crazy as that one.

With Robin Soderling about to serve at 1-2, 15-0 in the second set, an intruder ran down a staircase in the lower section of the stands at Philippe Chatrier court, jumped over the barrier and onto Roger Federer’s half of the court. It took guards about 9 seconds to realize they were paid to do more than stand there, & they quickly ran after and apprehended the man.  It’s sad what some people do for publicity.

In the New York Times, Harvey Araton notes that the tennis world agrees not just on Federer’s greatness, but also his goodness. “Count on the sport continuing to root for Federer to climb higher up the mountain of immortality, as it has championed him since he rocketed to the top with the beautiful game and the embraceable persona,” Araton writes. “Even Soderling, who by reputation shuns discourse with most players, became a humble charmer during the awards ceremony, paying his respects. ‘You really gave me a lesson on how to play tennis,’ he told Federer.”

“I waited to win the French Open for so long,” Federer says. “So close, three finals. I said to myself, ‘If one day Rafa [Nadal] isn’t there, I’ll win it.’ And it happened. It’s an unbelievable relief.”

Thanks to the suddenly ascendant Soderling. Shouldn’t Federer remember Soderling in his will?

But nobody was going to ambush Federer in this final. He was in high heat and highest gear, as only he can be, thrashing the Swede who was competitive but deluged in a downpour of shot after magnificent shot.

Winners flew, and so did Federer, quick and punishing, diverse and damaging. He had hard touch – 16 aces (most finding lines) and seven service winners – and soft touch with five winning drop shots. His mixture of speeds kept Soderling gasping. Soderling, totaling two break points, couldn’t collect, and won only one of their scintillating double-digit exchanges.

Says he: “I was on the court with the greatest player of all time. For me, beating Nadal in a best-of-five match on clay is a great memory – nobody had ever done that. I used to say I played bad against Roger [0-10 now]. But today I learned it’s not that I played bad, but he makes me play bad. So that’s what so difficult playing against him. Impossible. Thank you Roger for showing me how to play tennis.”

Federer needed this win to rebuke those that had been plaguing him that his carerr was over.

Do you feel that Federer is the best of all time?  Can he win another major?  Will Mirka Vavrinec continue to help him focus or will marriage and a baby distract him?


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