Exclusive photos of Roger & Mirka’s Federer Twins

It’s about time Roger changed out the batteries in his camera and posted pics of his beautiful baby girls, Charlene Riva and Myla Rose, on his facebook page. Meanwhile, Wimbledon champion Federer has released the first public picture of his daughters on his Facebook page.  Belo is the photo of himself and wife Mirka each holding one of the babies, Federer wrote: “As promised, here is a family picture that my dad took. He thinks he’s becoming a professional photographer.”

Roger Federer Exclusive photo, Charlene Riva & Myla Rose

Roger Federer Exclusive photo, Charlene Riva & Myla Rose

“It was very funny as both girls had the hiccups while we were trying to take a decent picture. The girls and mom are doing great – thanks for all your warm wishes.”

The 27-year-old top-ranked tennis great married Mirka in April. He announced her pregnancy in March, but it was a well-kept secret that she was expecting twins.  Charlene Riva and Myla Rose were born July 23 on what Federer said was the best day of his life.

I wonder if Federer waited to take pictures of the babies so their heads would return to a normal shape instead of the infamous cone shape most babies heads look like.

One fan had this to say:

Awwww, so sweet! Gorgeous family, I love how each parent is looking at the other twin, kind of like they want to be involved in both whether they’re being held or just watched. Congrats to them on their lovely girls!!! BTW, does anyone know, are the girls identical or fraternal? I can’t tell from the way they’re positioned.

PS Great pic, grandpa! Yo ushould have gotten $100,000 and let a professional take it anyway.
Anyone know the answer to this question.  No one has told us yet? Are these twin girl identical or franternal?


5 responses to “Exclusive photos of Roger & Mirka’s Federer Twins

  1. oh the twins are so cute they are very cute congratulations federer

  2. Hi,Roger!Hearty congratulations on becoming a pa!I thank God for bestowing His ‘double’ blessing on you and Mirka!Truly,the fruit of the womb is God’s gift(see Psalms127) and i’m glad that He gifted you twice!Just try to glorify God’s name through you as you’ve done till now.May the Lord shower His abundant blessings on you for the rest of your life!Take good care of the cute ‘bundles of joy’ added in your life!Also,all the very best for the US Open commencing today!

  3. Great blog, reading it through RSS feed as well

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  5. Djokovic and Federer are best players in history of tennis.


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