The difference between old and newly resurfaced tennis courts

I believe the main reason tennis is slowly dying in America is the cost for a school system or city municipality to build & MAINTAIN a tennis court.  How much does a tennis court cost to build? Roughy $15,000 for a clay court and $28,000 for a hard court (in the southeast).  This is not the main problem.  The main problem is maintenance on these courts. A hard court cost about $3,500 a year to maintain BUT that’s only if you are putting away $3,500 a year when you need to resurface. Resurfacing a single court can cost up to $15,000 every 5 years.   Most budgets don’t account for this type of maintenance. Most schools that build courts will build about 5-7 of them without thinking about the cost to keep them up.  They end up looking like this:

Old Worn Tennis Courts

Old Worn Tennis Courts

When kids play on these courts they have no clue to what real tennis is like.  Your tennis balls end up turning black after about 10 minutes and you slide all over the place getting the ball.  The ball also does not act as it should on a newly resurfaced court. 

Newly resurfaced tennis court

Newly resurfaced tennis court


What do you think is causing the downfall of tennis in America?


6 responses to “The difference between old and newly resurfaced tennis courts

  1. Well, let me see…. I would think that because other sports are just more popular.

    We have 3 tennis courts a few blocks away from our houses but we seldomly see other people playing besides us. However, the soccer field and the Baseball diamond periodically has alot of kids playing.

    In my point of view the tennis courts did not get repaired is because of the lack of demand in this sport rather than the cause of tennis slowly dying.

    • Good point, maybe there is not enough of us “seasoned players” actively promoting and teaching the sport to others. Honestly, the sport doesn’t cost much to play compared to golf.

  2. Your before pic looks exactly like the courts at our local junior high. No tennis being played in junior high means no good tennis players in high school means no kids going to college on a tennis scholarship. It is very sad. If someone can figure out how to get kids more interested in tennis, I wish they’d tell me. My kids play because I FORCE them too and I know one day they’ll thank me.

    • This reminds me of this seasons winner of “So you think you can dance”. The mother of the winner forced her daughter into dance lessons as a child and she ended becoming the top dancer in the world this year. I guess the questions all parents need to ask themselves is, “What activity or hobby should I force on my kid?”. It’s good for them to learn something for so many reasons other than just physical fitness.

  3. I hate to say it, but this is something that politics could resolve.

    If we got more tennis people involved on school boards and in the public and city government, tennis will gain interest and grow.

    Could you imagine if your City Mayor or even city council people were avid tennis players? The more people that are involved in politics that learn and enjoy the game, the better tennis will be.

    It is up to the Country clubs and tennis clubs to get the people that make a difference interested in learning and enjoying the game.

    Get your local councilman on the court anyway you can. Whether its a tennis charity event including your councilman, or getting their kids involved and excited about tennis, that is what it is going to take to have it thrive.

    • B-Mo,
      Good point. It is all about politics at the end of the day. Get people with power and influence to start becoming regular tennis players and you will see a push from the top of the food chain. Good point!!

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