Kim Clijsters inspires Justine Henin to return to tennis

OK, Justine did not say this about Kim Clijsters but we all know it must have inspired her to “unretire” from the sport. Justine Henin’s proclamation this past Tuesday that she’s coming back after almost 1.5 years adds to the surging number of high-profile but temporary retirements in the game of tennis. Of course, she really does think she can win the next Wimbledon, I’m sure.  I doubt the picture below will happen you agree?

Justine Henin & Kim Clijsters in 2003

Justine Henin being cocky & Kim Clijsters sad in 2003

In the last six years, three other former female No. 1s besides Henin—Martina Hingis (foot injury), Kim Clijsters (pregnancy/burnout) and Lindsay Davenport (pregnancy) — announced they were done and then subsequently unretired. Each enjoyed success in their comebacks, including Clijsters’ phenomenal run to the U.S. Open title this month as an unranked wild card in just her third tournament back.

Some wonder if the concept of quitting has been misrepresented — or at least, should be re-examined. “I’m tired of them announcing retirement when what they are really doing is leaving the tour for a period of time,” ESPN commentator and former tour star Pam Shriver said.

Of course we had a feeling she was coming back last week when I read about this. “Ms. Henin was the world’s top player when she retired in 2008. Ken Meyerson, her longtime agent, said he expects her back. “I’ve heard enough rumblings from Justine and her camp to think this is going to happen.”

In Justine Henin’s case, she must have had a perception that there’s a lack of talent at the top and is convinced that she can take advantage of it.

The way things are going, there’s probably no better time for Henin to win Wimbledon, which is the only Grand Slam title missing from her major collection.

Do you think Henin has a chance to win Wimbledon or will she just fall flat?


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