Andre Agassi used Crystal Meth, at least it wasn’t steroids….

Andre Agassi admits in a new book, “I hate Tennis” by Sports Illustrated, that he used crystal meth during his tennis career.  He also lied to tennis authorities about taking any drugs. He says it happened at the height of his success.   This and other drug abuse tales might be a result of how tennis players are trying to cope with their rigorous sport. Major sports headlines are frequently filled with drug abuse incidents either steroids, meth, cocaine, or alcohol and the ever constant problem.

andre agassi crystal meth - drug use confession crying

Andre Agassi cries after admitting to crystal meth use

The first tidbits from his autobiography have rocketed through tennis like a 135-mile-an-hour serve. He hated the sport, hated doing something that his father had shoved down his throat. He rebelled, he sought escape, maybe even self-ruin. One day in 1997, so his story goes, he escaped with crystal methamphetamine, and liked it enough to do it again and again and again. Then he lied when the first dirty drug tests came back. This is how a career nearly ends up flushed down the toilet.

 His weak alibi — something about accidentally drinking a spiked can of soda pop — was believed at the time, of course. He was the innocent Andre Agassi.  Many tennis fans will disappointed by Agassi’s story but hopefully this could be the door opening to more players coming forward.   Do you think Agassi should have awards and accolades from his past pulled from by the ITA?  I don’t think he should, crystal meth is not a performance enhancing drug like steroids?  What do you think?

Here’s a video highlighting the whole issue with Crystal Meth.


5 responses to “Andre Agassi used Crystal Meth, at least it wasn’t steroids….

  1. Agassi definitely did steriods in his comeback from Crystal Meth. Check out how in his 30s he suddenly was musclebound and after his famous 6 weeks of training with Gill he was the fittest player in tennis. Have you ever noticed Gills build? Remember how Agassi was suddenly buff with his shirt off? He was the poster boy for EAS vitamin supplements. How did Agassi go from being a lazy 20 year old who hated tennis to being the fittest 30 year old able to beat anyone because of his work ethic. His book builds the case that he used steriods after his fall in the rankings.

    • Well to argue against your case I am in my 30’s and now in the best shpae of my life. Working out daily, playing tennis often, and cutting back my calories has also worked for me. Is it possible that Andre did the same thing?

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  3. Like a bowelless overhead smash to the gut, Andre Agassi’s recent revelation that he applied crystal meth during his performing days has shocked fans.

    Some of the pass off — especially within tennis circles such as — has included anger that the well-liked Agassi lay down accusations that he may have acquired an vantage by asking the drug. Top players Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal accept both criticized Agassi, while tennis great Martina Navratilova said he is at once “up there with Roger Clemens… Andre belonged.”


    This extraordinary yet “not so ordinary ” autobiographical accounting of a “nothing short of amazing” example of well thought out APPROACHES, diamond sharp focus and purposeful, meaningful, ambitions; adding to this strength, and talent, coupled with an indescribable passion and boundless love for the game of tennis, the lifestyle and discipline that accompany the sport, the intricate strategy, routine, and above all– loyal committment to the heart and soul of the game, which lies at the very deepest core of the one singlemost passion and stellar achievement amidst many doubts, uncertainties, fears, and the unknown–combined with an enormeous responsibility to oneself–to be the best and most outstanding achiever in that which drives and encompasses the entire scope and passion of the game itself–creating an unstoppable fire that causes one to excel and to dare to be great in the one and only wild and prescious life all too many fail to realize is always presenting itself with more opportunities to shine at one’s most productive and reward reaping time in the prime of ones’ life-this is what graces a person to the extent that in a limitless universe– truly inspiration at its peak and pinnacle; unstoppable, unshakeable, and worthy of each and every painful hurdle climbed, overcome, as well as plenty of joyous tears shed for the sake of honor…thank you, thank you, thank you for the inspiration, demonstration of courage despite obstacles and uncertainties of all degrees, and thank you for teaching many that ANYTHING BACKED BY HARD WORK , DEDICATION, AND PASSION FOR THE SPORT , CAN AND IS POSSIBLE. UNMATCHABLE DESIRE TO BE THE BEST THERE IS NO MATTER WHAT OBSTACLES WE MAY BE FACE WITHIN OUR unique lives–THIS CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED–BY EACH, ANY, AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON DESIROUS OF DOING SO…

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