Your opinion of the Wilson six one tour blx tennis racquet?

We’ve heard all the hype about this new racquet from Wilson but is it living up to it’s name for Roger Federer and Justine Henin. Based on the results from the Australian Open, it sure seems to be.

Wilson released a new line of tennis rackets called BLX back at the end of 2009. These new rackets have volcanic basalt in them in addition to Karophite, which was in the [K]Factor. BLX can block the frequency harmful to your body and thus relieving a lot of stress to your arms if you play often. Federer will definitely notice a difference as much as he plays. Last year Federer had an occasional sore back, so this new racket will definitely be able to prevent that in the coming year. Compared to the [K]Factor Six-one Tour, the BLX Six-one Tour is just a tiny bit lighter. Some people say BLX plays better than the [K]Factor and feels better. Some have complained [K]Factor being too stiff, so Wilson made the new rackets less stiff.

Wilson six one tour blx 95 racquet

Wilson six one tour blx racquet

Of course, Roger Federer wielded his Wilson Six One Tour BLX tennis racket meticulously as he defeated Murray in straight sets to win his 4th Australian Open title and extended his record to 16 Grand Slam titles. Here’s a great video at the bottom of this post highlighting all of the new technology in the racket.

Utilizing her all court game, Justine Henin reached the finals of the Women’s Singles with her Tour BLX racket before being defeated by Serena Williams 6-4 3-6 6-2 for the title.

Looking to own one, you can buy a Wilson six one tour BLX like Federer, for only $199.99.

Do you think the technology improvements in the new Wilson BLX rackets makes a difference? Vote in our poll below or leave a comment.


5 responses to “Your opinion of the Wilson six one tour blx tennis racquet?

  1. lane chamberland

    I have a serieus problem tennis elbow….what would be the best raquet to buy considering my problem..

    • In general this applies – better tennis racquets for tennis elbow are:
      * Heavy ( 11.4 oz or more )
      * Head light
      The worst tennis racquet is:

      * light ( less than 10 oz )
      * stiff
      * head heavy

      Also make sure the grip size fits you perfect, either to small or large can cause problems. Just remember this – A heavy racquet will keep going after impact, giving the ball better pace and spin and creating less pressure in the elbow.

  2. I used the K-Factor Tour 90 before the BLX One and now i have switched. It’s an improved racket with less vibration and a lot softer feel to it. In my opinion it’s the greatest racket Wilson has produced so far.

  3. Yes, It’s good product to have it, Less in weight and More in Strength.

  4. My first impressions of the Six.One Tour BLX were amazing. I didn’t remember the KSix-One Tour 90 being as solid from the baseline as this one. I realized the difference between the old model and the new was minimal. I think the Basalt adds a slightly larger sweetspot and the feel is slightly more dampened. Overall, I thought my groundstrokes with the Six.One Tour BLX were amazing. I had great control, great plow-through and my backhand was rock solid. Due to the heavy weight and feel, having better racquet preparation helped. If I caught the ball a little late, it was at times somewhat jarring on my wrists when strung with a co-poly string

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