4th of July celebration and tennis

Every 4th of July my wife and kids head up to Tennessee to escape the scorching heat of Florida.  While up here I always bring my tennis racket in hopes of playing some fresh meat on the court.  The small resort we are staying at this year seems to have let their nets get out of shape.  I’m you know the fun of a tennis game with a raggidy net is quite lessened so we found some other things to do with the kids. I ended up going to the local hunting supply store and buying an airsoft sniper rifle (very similar to this DMA VB92058) and 2 airsoft handguns (liked the Crosman Stinger P9 Airsoft Pistol from Walmart- simple and cheap) for us to shoot random squirrels with.

airsoft sniper rifle squirrels

Glad squirrels don't fight back with airsoft sniper rifles

After teaching my kids the basic safety involved with “hunting equipment” we first practiced shooting empty cola cans and paper targets for about 45 minutes.  Once theye started hitting the targets regualrly they were for live game. 15 minutes into it. they discovered that shooting moving targets like squirrels was much more difficult.  In fact after shooting at them they seemed to disappear into the trees and stay out of shooting range.

We decided to go ahead and stick to shoot inanimate targets.  Nothing like tennis, you usually attempt to not hit your opponent but place the ball where he is not.  Of course some professionals do a good job of shooting in tennis, of course, they use cameras not guns.  What other hobbies do you have with your kids when tennis is not possible at your vacation spot?


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