Venus Williams is done with tennis, now an author of “Come to Win”

I think when a sports legend writes a book it meas they are washed up and can’t make a living from their chosen sport anymore.  Obviously, getting a book deal is a great way to bring in some more cash.  You think Lindsay Lohan would have learned from this instead of selling all of her free stuff on eBay.  Here is my proof – The book, “Come to Win” went on sale June 29, the same day Venus Williams lost in straight sets to unseeded Bulgarian Tsvetana Pironkova in the Wimbledon quarterfinals, her earliest exit in four years.  Take a look at Sarah Palin, when she knew she wouldn’tbecome a part of Presidential history she released a book that made her oodles of money on the side.

Venus Williams "Come to Win" book

Venus Williams "Come to Win" book

Of course in the case of Andre Agassi he wrote a book, “Open: An Autobiography” to help him cope and deal with his drug use from the early years when he was such a role model.  The extra money he made went towards his therapy deal helping him deal with the old days of tennis glory?

Of course the other route is to become some motivational speaker like Lance Armstrong.  He charges over $200K per speaking engagement on subjects like “From the Tour de France to the Boardroom: Pushing Your Team to Victory”.  What do you think about sports legends writing books and booking speaking engagements?  Is this a sign they are washed up OR just finding additional revenue streams for their fame?


5 responses to “Venus Williams is done with tennis, now an author of “Come to Win”

  1. What about Serena? She wrote a book…and she just won Wimbledon!!! Logic is flawed!

    • Daniel, you’re right on this one……I change my post, MOST OF THE TIME, writing a book after a fall from sports grace is a normal pattern in the sports world. Not always though….. you are right….

  2. What about Serena? Well, she is also rather average these days. Ok she can pull a win at some of 3 out of 4 slams a year but the rest of the season she hardly ever plays some no.1-worth tennis. She saves herself for the slams and wins then not thanks to being head and shoulder above the others but thanks to being well-rested thanks to little matchplay.

  3. Marine: I guess time and results has since proven you wrong.

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