Looking for a tennis bag or backpack that is strange?

Everyone knows what a tennis bag usually looks like.  It either is shaped just like a tennis racket or it looks like a backpack that allows the tennis racquet to stick out of it easily but still stay secure.  Why haven’t tennis vendors thought out of the box to reach new audiences.  What about the nerd/geek that also plays tennis?

strange tennis bag floppy disks

Tennis bag for geeks - made from floppy disks

We’re not just talking about basic luggage, we’re talking about functional tennis gear to represent your inner self.  What kind of gear do you wish Prince, Babolat, Wilson, or Adidas would make for today’s tennis player?

  • Custom shoes that allow you to change the color stripe to match your outfit that day
  • Socks that refresh themselves and smell better the next day
  • Tennis rackets that have a battery inside that is charged from your swing & can recharge your Ipod, Iphone, or any mp3 payer.
  • Tennis backpacks, that have a pressurized pump chamber to keep your tennis balls fresh & new.
  • Maybe a wheeled laptop bag that holds both the racket and your netbook/laptop.

Either way, the tennis vendors need to wake up, get creative, & nreak tradition.  We want something different out here in the tennis community.  Let’s shake things up guys.  What do you think?


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