Decorating your house in a tennis theme?

I love tennis but decorating your bathroom in tennis themed tiles, colors, or rugs seems a little excessive doesn’t it?  We all like our heated tiles in the winter, but I would be afraid to step foot in a bathroom that had this as their decoration…..Who would want this fuzzy tennis ball in their house?

tennis bathroom tiles & toilets

Gaudy tennis bathroom tiles & toilets

Now if New York City wanted to do some custom subway tiles during the US Open this would be more of a lasting tribute to the game we love.  Now if your son was a big tennis player decorating his room like this would be in good taste.

Tennis themed bedroom

Tennis themed bedroom

Overall, it would be a better idea to bring out the colors found in tennis and use them as a foundation for your decorating in one room.  Yellows and green work together well if tastefully brought together by some small pieces that bring together the tennis theme. You could easily incorporate a few tennis bathroom tiles in your next remodel without having your guests think you’ve jumped off the deep end on your love of the game.

Now, when I celebrate playing 10 years with the same country club, I don’t mind them making a tennis ball cake, it’s quirky but that just fits my personality.


4 responses to “Decorating your house in a tennis theme?

  1. Like the tennis decoration. It is so sporty and perfect for the boys room. I like it.

  2. This is really cool where did you find all this cool stuff ?

  3. This is really well done. Are you able to provide any tips on how to do a net or the court as accurate as this?

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