La Caja Mágica Tennis Stadium is an architectural failure

I recently was reading Pete Bodo’s article at anf realized something. He’s right, when he said, “All that perforated aluminum and stainless-steel and glass…what do they do in the Caja Magica when they’re not playing tennis, assemble Fiat’s line of mini-vans?” I laughed out loud and had to agree.  Is this what tennis architecture is meant to be.

Here’s some background info on the stadium:

Architecturally, the most relevant feature of the centre is its roof system. Each court has its own “lid” that can be lifted open mechanically.

  1. Riverside park: A garden that merges with the Manzanares Park.
  2. Media Garden: Parking and access area to mobile television units.
  3. Tennis Garden: Platform with 16 courts with the possibility of being grouped into 8 or 4 with room for grandstands.
  4. Perales Road Park: Ground reserved for possible organisational requirements.
  5. Passageway: Connecting gangway axis that passes through the buildings Complex.
  6. Indoor Tennis Stadium: Rectangular stadium featuring 11 covered tennis courts and additional areas for sports and administrative use.
  7. Madrid Caja Mágica Building:The main building for holding international tennis tournaments and other events. Floor with a surface area of 160 x 167 m and 35 m in height.

    horrible tennis architecture La Caja Mágica

    An example of horrible tennis architecture - La Caja Mágica


This is an example of some of the worst tennis architechure I have ever seen.  It simply looks loike an open coardboard box (painted silver).  How is this creative.  I’m sure the engineering around it is….unique, but they actually spent money on this thing? What do you think are the best and worst stadiums out there?


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