A Mother’s Day Wish of camping

“I love the slow-cooker. I really do.” If you’re hearing this, then there is very good chance that she in fact does NOT love the slow-cooker.  Your mother is tired of cooking for you. She is tired of cleaning for you. And for goodness sake, she most certainly does not desire another appliance.  Too often, we give our mothers that take care of us, more things to take care of us with. So not only does she not like the slow-cooker, but it’s kind of selfish of you too. And your mother taught you better than that.

My family is planning on camping this Mother’s day week and I was hoping to find a solid campground that had good tennis courts too. My wife, and mother of 4 loves tennis and it seems the best website was http://www.parksandcampgrounds.com/campgrounds/tennis/usa/florida/index.html but then I realezied I also need camping equipment. More than our local Wal-mart has.

tennis campground rv florida

Not easy to find quality tennis courts at RV campgrounds

This Mother’s Day try giving your spouse the gift of outdoors! More mothers agree that a camping trip is exactly what they would prefer. A hearty hike through the woods would be a far cry from organizing your dirty laundry. Camping under the stars on a moonlit night  would be a welcomed break from washing the dishes after dinner. Exploring a creek or a hidden path would be a delightful diversion from searching for your car keys that you continually misplace. So do something different this year and give her a gift that she would really enjoy. One that would enhance her life, not yours. Get her some camping equipment and a new pair of hiking boots. A nifty backpack and a cool, pink water bottle would go along nicely. You know she loves pink. Give her a gift that will get her out of the house! But don’t let her watch 127 hours before she ventures out into the wilderness, because you know that will freak her out. Happy Mother’s Day!


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