Why does Maria Sharapova scream so much?

Maria Sharapova said she was counting on the support and understanding of her basketball player fiancee as she attempts to regain the Wimbledon crown. Of course, will her screams make him run away with his fingers poked in his ears?

Maria Sharapova screaming yelling

Maria Sharapova screaming yelling at Wimbledon

The Russian 2004 champion is engaged to New Jersey Nets guard Sasha Vujacic and the Slovenian has been at the courtside throughout Sharapova’s Wimbledon campaign. He also has hearing loss now….. hehe………

“It certainly helps that he understands what I have to go through in preparation and everything for tennis (all of the yelling techniques she practices at home in front of the mirror). It’s quite different than when you don’t have a match day, of course,” Sharapova said on Monday.

It seems Sharapova never has a sore throat, her voice always works.  She could even teach Adele something about keeping her voice healthy. Is it sexy? Or just distracting?

Shaarpova has this to say on why she screams so much, “I am not doing it to piss somebody off, it’s natural. I started doing it when I was a kid. I was very weak and I needed that extra bit of push and power to hit the ball over the net.”

“Your body is like a machine, it makes noises. So for me it’s perfectly natural now.”…. that’s what she said………. (sorry about that)

As I posted back in 2009 on “Screaming & grunting to be banned from tennis, really“:

Here’s a quick list of the 4 worst screamers in tennis:

  • Venus and Serena Williams have hit 90 decibels
  • Monica Seles’ screech was measured at 93 decibels at Wimbledon in 1992.
  • Maria Sharapova occasionally topping 100 decibels.
  • Michelle Larcher de Brito – 109 decibels – a level slightly lower than a jet taking off

22 responses to “Why does Maria Sharapova scream so much?

  1. Great post. I have absolutely no clue why. I feel like she does it just to annoy the other player at this point. It has gradually gotten louder over the years and it has leveled off at about 248 decibels probably. Too many players are doing this now and I wish they would stop it. You’re right it should be banned. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog cuz I really want to know what you think http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/the-grunt-stops-here/

  2. Breathing in through the nostrils and exhaling forcefully through the mouth is a way of breath control that is a mantra of almost every professional sport and martial art.

    Exhaling at the point of exertion focuses your energy, ensures you aren’t putting extra stress on your body and keeps oxygen circulating.


  3. she sounds like a f*^#&^+ idiot and if i was playing her i would want to smash her face in with my racket.

  4. Karate students are taught to scream at the point of delivering an attack to help intimidate their opponent, and it works. This is the real intent of the scream in tennis. Note how Sharapova’s gets louder the more important the point is. Note Serena’s late scream in recent game at the point of her opponent preparing to hit her return. It has no place in this sport in my opinion. Jim, Dubbo, Australia.

  5. It should be banned.
    Even if for no other reason than a third of the population have switched off the tennis – not good for the tv network and advertisers!

  6. При любых обстоятельствах Мария останется для меня богиней. Как сказал журналист Владимир Ветров, Мария – богиня корта, без ее участия любой турнир превращается в жалкое зрелище.

  7. she’s devastatingly good looking though….so its okay…

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  9. jonathan White

    Sharapova is the only tennis player I know who has a ‘O’ each time she hits the ball!
    Bellowing like a male wildebeaste on heat is really annoying to say the least and she should be peonalized every single time she does it. Surely very distracting for her opponents.
    A stupid habit that needs addressing like deducting a point each time – and I guarentee she would stop the nonsence immediately. Also she should stop acting like a spoilt child each time she loses a point. She is supposed to be professional so should start acting like one!!
    Jonathan White. Dorset U.K.

  10. Influenced by Bruce Lee, Lots of men and women in sports and most things in life are inspired by him. The legend lives on.

  11. I agree. Bruce has done alot for the world

  12. All screaming at tennis tournaments must be stopped. Not necessary and totally annoying.

  13. I can only come to the conclusion that Sharapova is a self centered spoiled brat who could give a damn, frankly, whether you like or dislike this self absorbed display of behavior. At the core, obnoxious wailing shows her lack of respect for fellow athletes. Incidentally, this is pretty common with Russian athletes as they do not know how to win with class nor accept defeat with humility. Maybe, seventy five years of communism vanquished any common courtesy?

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  15. The screech is totally unnecessary, I do not watch her on TV

  16. Not sure about whether she pisses her opponent off or not but she sure as hell pisses millions of viewers off with her repulsive shrieks.. Her screams really sound disgusting, it just makes me wanna switch off the tv right away!!

  17. It should have been banned from day one; I refuse to watch her even
    though she is good looking (albeit with shoulders rivaling James Caan).
    The people who run tennis have no balls. If they did, they’d deduct a point with each of her banshee outbursts. No excuse for it at all.

  18. The sound she makes doesnt sound like a natural grunt at all, it probably is for her now because she has been doing it so long, but I think she deliberately makes it high pitched to annoy her opponents, and yes I hate watching her too, think Azarenka does a similar noise. The sports officials should address it, not saying they cant make some noise but Sharapova’s sound is ridiculously loud.

  19. Beautiful woman. But the shrieking overrides her looks…. so I have to change the channel. Could turn it down, but I like to hear the ball being hit and the commentary. It is so ridiculous that she does that. No need. She knows it.

  20. I agree, there is no need to make so much noise when exhaling.She says its natural, i don’t think so. It takes more energy to make a sound then to not, so nice try Sharapova, we do not buy your BS.

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