Mom and Dad’s Divorce

This guest post from Werner Rogers

When my mom told me she and my dad were getting divorced
I was pretty shocked. They’d been married over 30 years and I didn’t
really understand now that I’m 25 why they felt like they didn’t want to
be together anymore but I talked to both of them and it seemed to be
really amicable and they’re still great friends so I’m trying to be
supportive. I even went with my mom a few months ago to look for a new
house which was totally weird but we found her one and I even went to www.Allhomesecurity.COM
to see about getting her an alarm for it, too, since she’d be living
alone for the first time in decades. They both seem really okay with
this change and I’m sure I’ll get there eventually, too, but for now I
feel really lost and like my whole childhood was kind of a sham. I’ve
been thinking about joining a kids of divorce support group but I’m
worried I’ll be the youngest one there!

Chris Evert & Greg Norman divorce

Chris Evert & Greg Norman divorce


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