Does surfing and tennis even go together?

Being a tennis player, dating a surf crazy guy like Harry had made me want to start up the sport myself but it seemed easier to just sit and watch from the warmth of the vacations homes nearby. I had to admit I was a wimp when it came to getting in the cold sea which wasn’t a great start to my surf career. So you can imagine my shock when I came home one night and saw Harry grinning and holding up 2 matching body glove wetsuits “Damn it!” I told him that was my only excuse for not getting in the water and letting him teach me this sport I had idly sat back watching for the last few months.

Interestingly enough the first thing I noticed about my new wetsuit was the fact it had handy pockets for keys something that had always worried me about surfing alone. After this discovery Harry asked if I had any intention of trying it on! Of course I was pessimistic about getting most wet suits on as it had always seemed a stressful procedure that certainly did not look flattering on a beach in front of the Harry and his surf friends.

Luckily Body Glove is way ahead of me when they designed wetsuits for women. Conveniently placed zips increase the likelihood I would be able to independently get my wetsuit on without a team of assistants. So here I am on my third surf lesson and strangely enough I haven’t even noticed whether the water was cold or not!


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