Babolat’s Diverse Line of Rackets in 2016

This is the era of having equipment that isn’t just cutting edge, lightweight, perfectly balanced, & highly responsive.  Today’s new tech tennis world wants to be able to analyze their game in ways that decades ago the world would have thought to be impossible. Enter the Babolat Play Rackets, TechCrunch even mentioned them in a recent article discussing how:

““You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” This well-known management rule also applies to sports and explains the success of “quantified self” technology. More people are willing to record, monitor and share personal data on nutrition, sleep, physical activity, well-being, etc.”

Of course this data needs to be accurate…. and from what the reviews say… the data isn’t always accurate.

Babolat Play Rackets

We are talking not just the ability to measure what you do, but then share it with your friends with cool reports in social media through your iPhone or smartphone to showboat in ways our ancestors would not have even imagined. Babolat calls this feature the “Babolat Pulse” as seen below.

Babolat pulse comparison score social media

Now you can even have an idea of the style and quality of  player before you ever even see his game.  Now this technology isn’t perfect.  The battery is only going to last about 6 hours which should be enough for 2-3 average matches in a day.  It is best designed to be used for lessons and be analyzed by a coach or teacher at the end of the lesson.

This racket isn’t designed to be used in your day to day play since

  1. The cost is double the average racket
  2. Most players own at least 2-3 of the same racket to play in a match with to maintain a backup if a string breaks
  3. If you are prone to throwing your racket on the ground or hitting things accidentally it can mess up the sensors in the racket.

If you are looking for more information about this racket check out the Babolat’s main website and see there other performance tennis rackets over at Tennis Plaza here:

Babolat Pure Aero – For power baseline players who want the most ball speed and spin they can get with maximum stability.
Babolat Pure Control – Designed for advanced players with a premium on control, accuracy and responsiveness
Babolat Pure Drive – Most popular racquets to date and are the primary choice of many touring professionals
Babolat Pure Strike – Created for aggressive ball strikers looking to control the court,

To see a few reviews around the internet from trusted news sources on this Play racket series check out the other following reviews:


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