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Babolat’s Diverse Line of Rackets in 2016

This is the era of having equipment that isn’t just cutting edge, lightweight, perfectly balanced, & highly responsive.  Today’s new tech tennis world wants to be able to analyze their game in ways that decades ago the world would have thought to be impossible. Enter the Babolat Play Rackets, TechCrunch even mentioned them in a recent article discussing how:

““You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” This well-known management rule also applies to sports and explains the success of “quantified self” technology. More people are willing to record, monitor and share personal data on nutrition, sleep, physical activity, well-being, etc.”

Of course this data needs to be accurate…. and from what the reviews say… the data isn’t always accurate.

Babolat Play Rackets

We are talking not just the ability to measure what you do, but then share it with your friends with cool reports in social media through your iPhone or smartphone to showboat in ways our ancestors would not have even imagined. Babolat calls this feature the “Babolat Pulse” as seen below.

Babolat pulse comparison score social media

Now you can even have an idea of the style and quality of  player before you ever even see his game.  Now this technology isn’t perfect.  The battery is only going to last about 6 hours which should be enough for 2-3 average matches in a day.  It is best designed to be used for lessons and be analyzed by a coach or teacher at the end of the lesson.

This racket isn’t designed to be used in your day to day play since

  1. The cost is double the average racket
  2. Most players own at least 2-3 of the same racket to play in a match with to maintain a backup if a string breaks
  3. If you are prone to throwing your racket on the ground or hitting things accidentally it can mess up the sensors in the racket.

If you are looking for more information about this racket check out the Babolat’s main website and see there other performance tennis rackets over at Tennis Plaza here:

Babolat Pure Aero – For power baseline players who want the most ball speed and spin they can get with maximum stability.
Babolat Pure Control – Designed for advanced players with a premium on control, accuracy and responsiveness
Babolat Pure Drive – Most popular racquets to date and are the primary choice of many touring professionals
Babolat Pure Strike – Created for aggressive ball strikers looking to control the court,

To see a few reviews around the internet from trusted news sources on this Play racket series check out the other following reviews:


5 Creative Christmas gifts for the avid tennis player in 2014-2015

If you are anything like me then Christmas is a time to update your tennis wardrobe and find the next new thing thing that can take your game to the next level.  There are plenty of options out there this year and here are just a few!!

1. Velocity by Athla is an app that can turn an iPhone into a speed radar detector. T0ishe $7 app calculates the speed of a ball flying through the air using just the camera. Warning, this app can only calculate speed for up to 110 mph so if you’re like me it’s just going to say 110mph+ and not give you your real speed for that cannon serve (Mine is only 115mpg but still)

tennis speed app christmas gift2. How about reducing injuries this holiday season with a racquet that is diagonally string vs horizontal and vertical?

powerangle diagonally strung tennis racket

powerangle diagonally strung tennis racket

According to PowerAngle’s own antiquated website their $179 racquet absorbs shock 40 percent better than any previously designed traditional racquet. The racquet’s unique stringing does this by cutting down on excess vibrations and stress, which protects the muscles and joints of a player’s shoulders, arms, elbows, and wrists. The diagonal strings are able to reduce the vibrations felt by the ball, while simultaneously dispersing the impact away from the handle, where a player is most likely to feel the impact.

Doctors and tennis players alike have been endorsing PowerAngle racquets, noting its ability to lessen the stress of impact during play, while simultaneously creating a great sense of control.

3. Technology and a competitive edge are the themes of H&M’s new tennis collection, made in collaboration with Tomas Berdych, who helped release this new heat reactive tennis t-shirt that is only $24.95.

heat activated tennis shirt christmas gift4. The Zepp Tennis sqing analyzer turns ANY racket into a high end feedback device for $149.99.   Measure the most important aspects of your swing, then analyze and improve each one. Zepp offers an incredible set of 3D and video analysis features that give you instant feedback. You can even compare your swing to the pros.

tennis swing analyzer app5. Last but not least, Ralph Lauren’s tech-infused tennis shirt (which monitors heart rate, breathing and stress levels) were said to be coming out this year but has been pushed to 2015. The form-fitting nylon t-shirt sporting a Ralph Lauren logo up front doesn’t look too different when compared to a conventional t-shirt. However what many will miss is the conductive silver-coated thread that has been woven discreetly into the fiber. Price: Unknown

ralph lauren tennis tech shirt heart rateDid we miss anything you think would have been good for this list, would love to hear your feedback on what item you want this year!!

How to get around in England to catch local tennis matches

Not only is England home to Wimbledon, sometimes the tennis mates get to travel to India and play at the Commonweatlh games in India.  They quickly learned that getting around in India is much harder than back in the UK.  You see the UK has something that India doesn’t have, National Cycles, for their preferred transportation choice.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they made a tennis racquet clip bike holder, like in the 1930’s, on your bike so you could carry just the racquet with you on the court without lugging the entire thing?

tennis racquet bike accesory carrier

tennis racquet bike accessory carrier from the 1930's

Even without this attachment bikes are a great choice o get to your next game. You see is a UK based company that deals in a plethora of bike choices. The company has an excellent collection of cycles ranging from women bikes and children bikes to mountain bikes, folding bikes, jump bikes and even eco friendly hybrid and electric bikes. The company has been operational in UK for a number of years (their website doesn’t say when they were established) and because of its satisfied customers and great service Continue reading

Your opinion of the Wilson six one tour blx tennis racquet?

We’ve heard all the hype about this new racquet from Wilson but is it living up to it’s name for Roger Federer and Justine Henin. Based on the results from the Australian Open, it sure seems to be.

Wilson released a new line of tennis rackets called BLX back at the end of 2009. These new rackets have volcanic basalt in them in addition to Karophite, which was in the [K]Factor. BLX can block the frequency harmful to your body and thus relieving a lot of stress to your arms if you play often. Federer will definitely notice a difference as much as he plays. Last year Federer had an occasional sore back, so this new racket will definitely be able to prevent that in the coming year. Compared to the [K]Factor Six-one Tour, the BLX Six-one Tour is just a tiny bit lighter. Some people say BLX plays better than the [K]Factor and feels better. Some have complained [K]Factor being too stiff, so Wilson made the new rackets less stiff.

Wilson six one tour blx 95 racquet

Wilson six one tour blx racquet

Of course, Roger Federer wielded his Wilson Six One Tour BLX tennis racket meticulously as he defeated Murray in straight sets to win his 4th Australian Open title and extended his record to 16 Grand Slam titles. Here’s a great video at the bottom of this post Continue reading

Wilson or Penn Tennis Balls – Pros & Cons

For some time the professional tennis players have whined and complained about different tournaments using different balls.  They have a legitimate complaint.  In football you have a regulation ball that everyone uses.  In basketball, you have a regulation ball that everyone uses. It’s always the same.

In golf, the player chooses his ball and uses the same one throughout the tournament. In tennis, the tennis ball starts very similar per regulations but changes rapidly when hit at professional speed of 130 mph.  Heck, I have used the Wilson and Penn balls the players complain about and understand what they mean.  Penn, by far works much better through a few sets than sorry Wilson balls.

My personal preference:  ”I usually play with Penn, the felt is a little bit thicker, and I play on hot courts in Florida, where the ball wears out fast.” Also Penn is the official choice of the USPTA and the only ball manufactured in the U.S.

Penn Tennis Balls

Penn Tennis Balls

Here’s the case in point:

After Andy Roddick won his 2nd round match at the Rogers Cup on Wednesday, he broached a popular complaint among the players at this time of year.

Like many of his ATP World Tour counterparts, Roddick dislikes using different tennis balls at different tournaments during the hard court series leading up to the United States Open, which begins Aug. 31. He made that clear — loud and crystal — only minutes into his Wednesday news conference.

“I still think that we shouldn’t be changing tennis balls midsummer,” Roddick said. “That’s just, you know, at the height of not using common sense.”

Before Roddick traveled here, he played at the Legg Mason Classic in Washington. There, the players used Wilson brand tennis balls. Here, they use Penn.

While non-professionals may find that complaint trivial, Roddick and some of his fellow pros have long felt it makes a significant difference in their play.

“Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be priority on continuity throughout the U.S. Open Series as far as the tennis balls go,” Roddick said.

A reporter asked what the players could do to change that.

“Well, what are our options?” Roddick snapped. “Not playing?”

The reporter suggested that Roddick and the players could complain to officials, to which Roddick said, “We can talk all we want,” before expanding.

“We can use you guys as an avenue to get our thoughts across,” Roddick said to the room full of reporters. “Because otherwise, they’re just hollow words.”

What’s your favorite tennis ball and why?

Head Youtek Tennis Racquet reviews, photos, & videos

Novak Djokovic has been playing some awesome tennis recently, and coincidentally he has been using a new HEAD tennis racket: the YouTek Speed MP.

Novak Djokovic (nice blue) playing with his Head Youtek Speed MP racket

Novak Djokovic (nice blue) playing with his Head Youtek Speed MP racket

Finally, a “Smart material” technology that morphs to a tennis players unique requirements.  Speed kills, check out the DMV’s website for actual facts proving this. But in tennis it’s highly desired.  It’s no wonder the new generation of tennis players want speed in their hands. With the launch of Head’s Youtek Speed series, athletes can now obtain it, as the this racket line is aimed at a diverse set of players chasing the no longer elusive combination of touch and explosive power.

The new Youtek tennis series from Head

The new Youtek tennis series from Head

Continue reading

Prince EXO3 racket reviews & photos

Prince officially launches the EXO3 series to the world on January 15th, 2008. No coincidence that it’s the same time as the Australian Open.

Prince EXO3 rackets

Prince EXO3 rackets

They have reinforced their reputation as an innovative company that creates significant “buzz” with the release of any new frames. The Prince EXO3 is no exception. With the success of Gael Monfils, the Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 has already established itself on the men’s tour. And after playing with it myself, I’d be surprised if this frame doesn’t find favor with many more touring pros. Somehow it re-writes the laws of physics to capture more energy – at impact – before it is wasted, and channel it back into the Continue reading