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5 Creative Christmas gifts for the avid tennis player in 2014-2015

If you are anything like me then Christmas is a time to update your tennis wardrobe and find the next new thing thing that can take your game to the next level.  There are plenty of options out there this year and here are just a few!!

1. Velocity by Athla is an app that can turn an iPhone into a speed radar detector. T0ishe $7 app calculates the speed of a ball flying through the air using just the camera. Warning, this app can only calculate speed for up to 110 mph so if you’re like me it’s just going to say 110mph+ and not give you your real speed for that cannon serve (Mine is only 115mpg but still)

tennis speed app christmas gift2. How about reducing injuries this holiday season with a racquet that is diagonally string vs horizontal and vertical?

powerangle diagonally strung tennis racket

powerangle diagonally strung tennis racket

According to PowerAngle’s own antiquated website their $179 racquet absorbs shock 40 percent better than any previously designed traditional racquet. The racquet’s unique stringing does this by cutting down on excess vibrations and stress, which protects the muscles and joints of a player’s shoulders, arms, elbows, and wrists. The diagonal strings are able to reduce the vibrations felt by the ball, while simultaneously dispersing the impact away from the handle, where a player is most likely to feel the impact.

Doctors and tennis players alike have been endorsing PowerAngle racquets, noting its ability to lessen the stress of impact during play, while simultaneously creating a great sense of control.

3. Technology and a competitive edge are the themes of H&M’s new tennis collection, made in collaboration with Tomas Berdych, who helped release this new heat reactive tennis t-shirt that is only $24.95.

heat activated tennis shirt christmas gift4. The Zepp Tennis sqing analyzer turns ANY racket into a high end feedback device for $149.99.   Measure the most important aspects of your swing, then analyze and improve each one. Zepp offers an incredible set of 3D and video analysis features that give you instant feedback. You can even compare your swing to the pros.

tennis swing analyzer app5. Last but not least, Ralph Lauren’s tech-infused tennis shirt (which monitors heart rate, breathing and stress levels) were said to be coming out this year but has been pushed to 2015. The form-fitting nylon t-shirt sporting a Ralph Lauren logo up front doesn’t look too different when compared to a conventional t-shirt. However what many will miss is the conductive silver-coated thread that has been woven discreetly into the fiber. Price: Unknown

ralph lauren tennis tech shirt heart rateDid we miss anything you think would have been good for this list, would love to hear your feedback on what item you want this year!!


Will tennis get better at the University of Alabama?

University of Alabama Director of Athletics Mal Moore announced today that Shane Lyons, Associate Commissioner at the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), has been hired as Deputy Director of Athletics at the Capstone wearing full Alabama apparel to show his support.

University of Alabama Tennis Shirts

University of Alabama Tennis Shirts worn by their own players

Shane Lyons will work hand in hand with Billy Pate, head coach of the Alabama tennis team. In fact, the men’s tennis team enjoyed a successful day one at the 2011 USTA/ITA Southern Regional Championships, which are being held at the Yarborough Tennis Center at Auburn University. The Crimson Tide collected a combined seven wins on Thursday at the four-day tournament.

“I was very pleased with the results today and was especially pleased with the effort and energy,” said Alabama head coach Billy Pate. “Each guy played hard and with good focus.” Of course they looked good sporting their University of Alabama shirts.

Of course, let’s focus on this new athletic director shall we. “Shane Lyons accepted our offer early last week and we have finalized an agreement to add him to our athletic staff,” Moore said. “Shane brings to our department impressive administrative experience, having served at the ACC for more than 10 years while just completing his term as Chairman of the NCAA’s Division I Legislative Council. I am delighted to welcome him to our staff.” Continue reading

Mom and Dad’s Divorce

This guest post from Werner Rogers

When my mom told me she and my dad were getting divorced
I was pretty shocked. They’d been married over 30 years and I didn’t
really understand now that I’m 25 why they felt like they didn’t want to
be together anymore but I talked to both of them and it seemed to be
really amicable and they’re still great friends so I’m trying to be
supportive. I even went with my mom a few months ago to look for a new
house which was totally weird but we found her one and I even went to www.Allhomesecurity.COM
to see about getting her an alarm for it, too, since she’d be living
alone for the first time in decades. They both seem really okay with
this change and I’m sure I’ll get there eventually, too, but for now I
feel really lost and like my whole childhood was kind of a sham. I’ve
been thinking about joining a kids of divorce support group but I’m
worried I’ll be the youngest one there!

Chris Evert & Greg Norman divorce

Chris Evert & Greg Norman divorce

Why does Maria Sharapova scream so much?

Maria Sharapova said she was counting on the support and understanding of her basketball player fiancee as she attempts to regain the Wimbledon crown. Of course, will her screams make him run away with his fingers poked in his ears?

Maria Sharapova screaming yelling

Maria Sharapova screaming yelling at Wimbledon

The Russian 2004 champion is engaged to New Jersey Nets guard Sasha Vujacic and the Slovenian has been at the courtside throughout Sharapova’s Wimbledon campaign. He also has hearing loss now….. hehe………

“It certainly helps that he understands what I have to go through in preparation and everything for tennis (all of the yelling techniques she practices at home in front of the mirror). It’s quite different than when you don’t have a match day, of course,” Sharapova said on Monday.

It seems Sharapova never has a sore throat, her voice always works.  She could even teach Adele something about keeping her voice healthy. Is it sexy? Or just distracting?

Shaarpova has this to say on why she screams so much, “I am not doing it to piss somebody off, it’s natural. I started doing it when I was a kid. I was very weak and I needed that extra bit of push and power to hit the ball over the net.”

“Your body is like a machine, it makes noises. So for me it’s perfectly natural now.”…. that’s what she said………. (sorry about that)

As I posted back in 2009 on “Screaming & grunting to be banned from tennis, really“:

Here’s a quick list of the 4 worst screamers in tennis:

  • Venus and Serena Williams have hit 90 decibels
  • Monica Seles’ screech was measured at 93 decibels at Wimbledon in 1992.
  • Maria Sharapova occasionally topping 100 decibels.
  • Michelle Larcher de Brito – 109 decibels – a level slightly lower than a jet taking off

A Mother’s Day Wish of camping

“I love the slow-cooker. I really do.” If you’re hearing this, then there is very good chance that she in fact does NOT love the slow-cooker.  Your mother is tired of cooking for you. She is tired of cleaning for you. And for goodness sake, she most certainly does not desire another appliance.  Too often, we give our mothers that take care of us, more things to take care of us with. So not only does she not like the slow-cooker, but it’s kind of selfish of you too. And your mother taught you better than that.

My family is planning on camping this Mother’s day week and I was hoping to find a solid campground that had good tennis courts too. My wife, and mother of 4 loves tennis and it seems the best website was but then I realezied I also need camping equipment. More than our local Wal-mart has.

tennis campground rv florida

Not easy to find quality tennis courts at RV campgrounds

This Mother’s Day try giving your spouse the gift of outdoors! More mothers agree that a camping trip is exactly what they would prefer. A hearty hike through the woods would be a far cry from organizing your dirty laundry. Camping under the stars on a moonlit night  would be a welcomed break from washing the dishes after dinner. Exploring a creek or a hidden path would be a delightful diversion from searching for your car keys that you continually misplace. So do something different this year and give her a gift that she would really enjoy. One that would enhance her life, not yours. Get her some camping equipment and a new pair of hiking boots. A nifty backpack and a cool, pink water bottle would go along nicely. You know she loves pink. Give her a gift that will get her out of the house! But don’t let her watch 127 hours before she ventures out into the wilderness, because you know that will freak her out. Happy Mother’s Day!

La Caja Mágica Tennis Stadium is an architectural failure

I recently was reading Pete Bodo’s article at anf realized something. He’s right, when he said, “All that perforated aluminum and stainless-steel and glass…what do they do in the Caja Magica when they’re not playing tennis, assemble Fiat’s line of mini-vans?” I laughed out loud and had to agree.  Is this what tennis architecture is meant to be.

Here’s some background info on the stadium:

Architecturally, the most relevant feature of the centre is its roof system. Each court has its own “lid” that can be lifted open mechanically.

  1. Riverside park: A garden that merges with the Manzanares Park.
  2. Media Garden: Parking and access area to mobile television units.
  3. Tennis Garden: Platform with 16 courts with the possibility of being grouped into 8 or 4 with room for grandstands.
  4. Perales Road Park: Ground reserved for possible organisational requirements.
  5. Passageway: Connecting gangway axis that passes through the buildings Complex.
  6. Indoor Tennis Stadium: Rectangular stadium featuring 11 covered tennis courts and additional areas for sports and administrative use.
  7. Madrid Caja Mágica Building:The main building for holding international tennis tournaments and other events. Floor with a surface area of 160 x 167 m and 35 m in height.

    horrible tennis architecture La Caja Mágica

    An example of horrible tennis architecture - La Caja Mágica


This is an example of some of the worst tennis architechure I have ever seen.  It simply looks loike an open coardboard box (painted silver).  How is this creative.  I’m sure the engineering around it is….unique, but they actually spent money on this thing? What do you think are the best and worst stadiums out there?

Marat Safin finally retires from tennis

Marat Safin is officially playing his final tournament on the ATP tour and will retire afterward. In spite of his recent comments about Andre Agassi’s crystal meth use, Safin has a prety good reputation in the tennis world. Have you not heard what he said? Here’s the highlight referring to Andre – ‘He feels guilty? So let him just give back his titles, money, his Grand Slams,’ said Safin. ‘He should go all the way. The ATP has a bank account, he can refund if he wants to.”

Marat Safin retires red shirt

Marat Safin retires after 12 years playing pro

The Russian is retiring from his tennis career at the BNP Paribas Masters where he has a good run of  it in the past decade. Safin has won the title three times, in 2000, 2002, 2004 and finished runner-up on his debut in 1999. IN fact, his latest win improves Safin to a 24-4 record here.The streak might end shortly as Safin plays Juan Martin Del Potro, US Open champion, in the next round.

“The tennis I’m playing at the moment is not the best of my career. I always came here to win, but this time, frankly, I don’t think I can do that. I’ll just try to finish on a high note and say goodbye to everybody,” said Safin.

Safin, ranked 65th will face Del Potro for the first time. “The way he’s playing right now, I don’t think I have a chance,” confessed Safin. “But I’m going to try. Why not? If I’m going to serve well and he’s not going to be at his best, I have a chance. At the end of the day, I don’t think I’m going to be the winner. I’m going to make a decent match, that’s for sure.”

Wow Marat, you think you would have a little more confidence in your tennis game than that…. Oh wait, you have no confidence and that’s why you’re retiring. Do you think Safin should have kept playing or did he stay in the sport to long?

Here’s a gerat quote I remember from old Marat Safin – “No, she’s not. Two women is too much for me.”
Marat Safin, when asked if his mother was in Melbourne in addition to his sister.

Here’s a great Youtube video of him kissing the line lady after hitting her with a tennis ball at the HopMan cup.  He was a good sport I must say and will be missed!!