The Bryan Brothers and their 2 lives

When we were first introduced to Bob and Mike Bryan in 1998, they were identical twins living identical lives. Both sharing a serious passion for tennis.

For real. They shared a house and shared hotel rooms. Rumor has it that they even admitted to occasionally sharing a toothbrush. But it seems that marriage and babies will change everything.

Early on, the two had visions of their future. They repeatedly talked about when they would get married and buy a bigger house, where their two families would live together.

Bob fell in love with Miami’s Michelle Alvarez and Mike found his match in London’s Lucille Williams. Bob and Michelle married in December 2010, reside in Sunny Isles, Fla. (just north of Miami), and welcomed their daughter, Micaela, on Jan. 31 of this year. Mike was engaged to Lucille late last year and will wed in Santa Barbara, Calif., in November. Mike and Lucille live in the house where both brothers resided in their hometown of Camarillo, Calif. Mike bought out Bob’s half of the property.

Mike understands that Bob’s life has moved at a little faster pace than his own, and he’s comfortable with it.

“His priorities have shifted and I come third in his life now,” said Mike, after the two won their first-round match at the Delray Beach Tennis Championships on Wednesday. “Like he’s going down to be with his family tonight. It’s cool. I’m loving experiencing [it]; I’m part of his life, and I’m doing the uncle thing pretty often.”

It’s hard to erase a bond that started in the womb, however, so it was no surprise that Mike immediately flew to Miami the day after his niece was born. Bob is making sure to include his twin in the baby experience. The doting daddy already has snapped about 2,000 photos of Micaela — he’s counting — and has sent every picture to Mike. Playing the proud uncle, Mike quickly held up his cell phone and rolled through all the Micaela photos.

“All the doubles players are getting older and older,” Bob said. “If you look at the rankings now, we’re 33 and we’re some of the youngest guys up there. This is a good lifestyle. Everyone who retires tells us, ‘Geez, you’ve got a good gig, so keep doing it.'”

As you can tell in this following video, these guys still have it.


Few Things

Contributed by Milford Woods

There were just a few things that I had to do this morning before I made my noon lunch date with my best friend. We try to go to lunch at a different place once a week. I was running really late because of a mix up at the pharmacy. I had gotten everything done that morning, dropped off the mail and Shop electricity rates TEXAS to get a better rate. I went in plenty of time to get my prescriptions filled, but for some reason the insurance that I have with my husband’s new job didn’t have me registered on the prescription plan. The pharmacist called the company and spoke with them for thirty minutes with no avail. I ended up having to call the company and spend another thirty minutes. I feel like I always have so many problems with insurance companies. Sometimes I feel like they make it difficult to get in touch with them just so they don’t have to pay your benefits!

Gay community targets old Australian former tennis champion

Pastor and former Australian tennis champion Margaret Court says she has been the target of a hate campaign since publicly speaking out against gay marriage.

Margaret Court gay rights tennis

Margaret Court - Australian tennis champ in the 60's

The 70-year-old made headlines around the world in December after saying marriage should be between a man and woman, and was criticised by openly gay tennis stars including Rennae Stubbs and Billie Jean King.

Gay activists launched a Facebook campaign asking Australian Open spectators to wear rainbow colours and wave flags at the show court named after the former player on Friday. Continue reading

Golf and tennis just go together

If you play tennis, I’m sure you’ve got some friends playing golf too.  Many of my golfers have been talking about how good Srixon has been at improving their balls over the years.

Many golf companies make golf balls, but many cannot match the quality of Srixon golf balls. Srixon does not just list their golf balls as “premium,” they actually are. The company offers three different families of balls – Tour, Premium Distance, and All-Ability. Each family of golf balls is meant to perform a separate task. The Tour balls are designed to have the best spin and acceleration. Premium Distance are best for using on the first shot to gain the most distance.

After experimenting with different types of golf balls, Srixon was definitely a quality ball, and they lived up to the expectations. The ZSTAR XV Tour series in the Tour family impressed me most. At only $44.99, these balls blew me away. On Srixon’s website, they said that the ZSTAR XV Tour can be compared with the Titleist Pro V1X, Nike One Tour D, Callaway HX Tour, Bridgestone Tour B330, and TaylorMade TP Black. I found that the ZSTAR XV Tour adequately compared with all of those models. Besides the premium selection of balls, Srixon also offers cheaper models. In the All-Ability category, Srixon offers the AD333 balls for $24.99 for two dozen. The premium golf balls, the AD333, are the number one balls in the United Kingdom. It has a high launch angle and penetrating trajectory for greater distance.

All in all, I really enjoy Srixon’s golf balls. They compare to all of the top brands and the prices are quite fair. I definitely suggest one of the three tour yellow golf balls or the All-Ability at the very least. The prices beat some other manufacturers $70+ range and definitely match the quality.

Hubby’s Gift?

Guest post of the week by Quincy Rowe

I had the hardest time thinking of what to get my husband for Christmas this year and part of it is because he already has everything he could ever want. He as the hardest time telling me what he wants which mean I just have to guess. This year was different though because for the last three months he’s spent just about every waking moment at his friend Benny’s house and now I know why – Benny’s got Directv packages that get all the games! So for the holidays I’ve gotten my hubby the best package I could find and I know he’s going to be OVERJOYED. He’s really into basketball and with the strike just about over I know he’s going to love it when he opens up the picture of the satellite dish I wrapped up for him to open on Christmas morning! I can’t believe we haven’t thought of this before now but I guess it’s better late than never, you know what I mean?hubby gift

Setting the stage for scary Halloween decorations

Guest post written by Bill Roades

One of my favorite things about fall is that you can really spend a whole lot of time just decorating with a whole bunch of scary decorations. It really is a great thing and I love seeing other people’s reactions to it. My family would never really decorate our house for Halloween besides a simple little jack o lantern and I always wished that they hung up some really scary decorations like some of our neighbors. Continue reading

Will tennis get better at the University of Alabama?

University of Alabama Director of Athletics Mal Moore announced today that Shane Lyons, Associate Commissioner at the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), has been hired as Deputy Director of Athletics at the Capstone wearing full Alabama apparel to show his support.

University of Alabama Tennis Shirts

University of Alabama Tennis Shirts worn by their own players

Shane Lyons will work hand in hand with Billy Pate, head coach of the Alabama tennis team. In fact, the men’s tennis team enjoyed a successful day one at the 2011 USTA/ITA Southern Regional Championships, which are being held at the Yarborough Tennis Center at Auburn University. The Crimson Tide collected a combined seven wins on Thursday at the four-day tournament.

“I was very pleased with the results today and was especially pleased with the effort and energy,” said Alabama head coach Billy Pate. “Each guy played hard and with good focus.” Of course they looked good sporting their University of Alabama shirts.

Of course, let’s focus on this new athletic director shall we. “Shane Lyons accepted our offer early last week and we have finalized an agreement to add him to our athletic staff,” Moore said. “Shane brings to our department impressive administrative experience, having served at the ACC for more than 10 years while just completing his term as Chairman of the NCAA’s Division I Legislative Council. I am delighted to welcome him to our staff.” Continue reading