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Venus Williams is done with tennis, now an author of “Come to Win”

I think when a sports legend writes a book it meas they are washed up and can’t make a living from their chosen sport anymore.  Obviously, getting a book deal is a great way to bring in some more cash.  You think Lindsay Lohan would have learned from this instead of selling all of her free stuff on eBay.  Here is my proof – The book, “Come to Win” went on sale June 29, the same day Venus Williams lost in straight sets to unseeded Bulgarian Tsvetana Pironkova in the Wimbledon quarterfinals, her earliest exit in four years.  Take a look at Sarah Palin, when she knew she wouldn’tbecome a part of Presidential history she released a book that made her oodles of money on the side.

Venus Williams "Come to Win" book

Venus Williams "Come to Win" book

Of course in the case of Andre Agassi he wrote a book, “Open: An Autobiography” to help him cope and deal with his drug use from the early years when he was such a role model.  The extra money he made went towards his therapy deal helping him deal with the old days of tennis glory?

Of course the other route is to become some motivational speaker like Lance Armstrong.  He charges over $200K per speaking engagement on subjects like “From the Tour de France to the Boardroom: Pushing Your Team to Victory”.  What do you think about sports legends writing books and booking speaking engagements?  Is this a sign they are washed up OR just finding additional revenue streams for their fame?


Hang out with Andre Agassi for free plus a $10,000 processing fee

Andre Agassi’s Foundation for Education will host a benefit March 16 during the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. These honored guests will have an opportunity to spend part of the day in a private suite with Agassi.  Here are some of the perks for the $6,000 individual tickets (or $10,000 per couple).

Andre Agassi Foundation for Education

Andre Agassi Foundation for Education

You’ll watch the women’s round of 16 and men’s third round singles matches at the 2010 BNP Paribas Open.
• You will enjoy both the day and night sessions on Tuesday, March 16 at the BNP Paribas Open.
• Watch the matches in the comfort and privacy of a stadium suite – the air-conditioned suite is professionally hosted and catered, and features TVs and intimate seating both inside and out for only 15 couples.
• Enjoy match commentary from eight-time Grand Slam singles champion Andre Agassi during one of the day matches.
• Experience a VIP tour of the Indian Wells Tennis Garden by former Davis Cup member and Tournament Chairman, Charlie Pasarell.
• A visit in the suite from a surprise special guest.
• Complimentary valet parking.
• Take away a commemorative photo and gift to remember this remarkable experience.
• Transform public education for underserved youth; proceeds from this event will benefit the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education in Las Vegas

To purchase tickets, go to darian@agassi.net. Continue reading

Marat Safin finally retires from tennis

Marat Safin is officially playing his final tournament on the ATP tour and will retire afterward. In spite of his recent comments about Andre Agassi’s crystal meth use, Safin has a prety good reputation in the tennis world. Have you not heard what he said? Here’s the highlight referring to Andre – ‘He feels guilty? So let him just give back his titles, money, his Grand Slams,’ said Safin. ‘He should go all the way. The ATP has a bank account, he can refund if he wants to.”

Marat Safin retires red shirt

Marat Safin retires after 12 years playing pro

The Russian is retiring from his tennis career at the BNP Paribas Masters where he has a good run of  it in the past decade. Safin has won the title three times, in 2000, 2002, 2004 and finished runner-up on his debut in 1999. IN fact, his latest win improves Safin to a 24-4 record here.The streak might end shortly as Safin plays Juan Martin Del Potro, US Open champion, in the next round.

“The tennis I’m playing at the moment is not the best of my career. I always came here to win, but this time, frankly, I don’t think I can do that. I’ll just try to finish on a high note and say goodbye to everybody,” said Safin.

Safin, ranked 65th will face Del Potro for the first time. “The way he’s playing right now, I don’t think I have a chance,” confessed Safin. “But I’m going to try. Why not? If I’m going to serve well and he’s not going to be at his best, I have a chance. At the end of the day, I don’t think I’m going to be the winner. I’m going to make a decent match, that’s for sure.”

Wow Marat, you think you would have a little more confidence in your tennis game than that…. Oh wait, you have no confidence and that’s why you’re retiring. Do you think Safin should have kept playing or did he stay in the sport to long?

Here’s a gerat quote I remember from old Marat Safin – “No, she’s not. Two women is too much for me.”
Marat Safin, when asked if his mother was in Melbourne in addition to his sister.

Here’s a great Youtube video of him kissing the line lady after hitting her with a tennis ball at the HopMan cup.  He was a good sport I must say and will be missed!!

Andre Agassi used Crystal Meth, at least it wasn’t steroids….

Andre Agassi admits in a new book, “I hate Tennis” by Sports Illustrated, that he used crystal meth during his tennis career.  He also lied to tennis authorities about taking any drugs. He says it happened at the height of his success.   This and other drug abuse tales might be a result of how tennis players are trying to cope with their rigorous sport. Major sports headlines are frequently filled with drug abuse incidents either steroids, meth, cocaine, or alcohol and the ever constant problem.

andre agassi crystal meth - drug use confession crying

Andre Agassi cries after admitting to crystal meth use

The first tidbits from his autobiography have rocketed through tennis like a 135-mile-an-hour serve. He hated the sport, hated doing something that his father had shoved down his throat. He rebelled, he sought escape, maybe even self-ruin. One day in 1997, Continue reading