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Screaming & grunting to be banned from tennis, really? Sorry Sharapova…

Time magazine and others report that officials at this year’s Wimbledon tournament might crack down on loud screams during play – possibly banning it.

Maria Sharapova Screams while hitting

Maria Sharapova Screams while hitting

With new attention brought to it Martina Navratilova’s call for grunting to be deemed cheating, the International Tennis Federation is poised to crack down.The ITF is considering broadening the measures that officials can take in penalizing repeat offenders such as Maria Sharapova. Umpires already can award a point against players if their grunting is deemed to have hindered their opponent. But now the ITF is weighing up whether to include “noise hindrance” in its code of conduct, according to Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper.

Under the new rule, persistent offenders could be Continue reading


Jimmy Connors arrested in California, some things don’t change.

Jimmy Connor arrested for bad behavior

Jimmy Connor arrested for bad behavior

In the past Jimmy Connors was called the original bad boy of American tennis. At the 1991 U.S. Open, he called an umpire who ruled against him “a bum,” “a son of a bi***” and “an abortion”.

It seems that he was arrested outside a college basketball game in California on Friday night, November 21, for standing his ground, police said. At the age of 56 Jimmy was ordered to move away from the entrance of the Thunderdome just before North Carolina and & UC Santa Barbara were set to play that evening.

The eight-time Grand Slam champion, known for his explosive temper in the past, refused and was arrested, police said.

He was released on Saturday and details are still sketchy on what exactly happened.  I’m guessing the police told him to do something he didn’t fully agree with. Some people just don’t change in their old age.  Or do they?

UPDATE 11/24/2008

Connors, 56, issued a statement thorough his business manager Karen Scott Happer saying he was picking up tickets for the game with his son Brett when he was twice confronted by a man who made derogatory comments and physical contact.

An altercation ensued and when campus police arrived, they told Connors to leave the campus.

“Jimmy said he wanted to stay and wait for his son to watch the game, and as a result was taken into custody,” the statement said. “Police told Jimmy that he was being taken into custody for ‘being a non-student refusing to leave the campus.’ Jimmy is extremely disappointed and embarrassed about the way the situation was handled.”