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Chris Evert & Greg Norman headed to divorce court?

Is divorce the only way for this celebrity couple to settle their differences?

Chris Evert & Greg Norman getting Divorced?

Chris Evert & Greg Norman getting Divorced?

Last week, Norman announced in a statement that he had separated from his wife of 15 months, tennis legend Chris Evert. And that came just a few days after Norman had surgery on his right shoulder.

This week Greg Norman has flown to San Francisco to captain the International team in the Presidents Cup.  Cris Evert is home in Florida, where a photo was  snapped a shot of the tennis legend’s unadorned ring finger, just 15 months after the couple laid out $2 million for a wedding ceremony. Continue reading


Kim Clijsters inspires Justine Henin to return to tennis

OK, Justine did not say this about Kim Clijsters but we all know it must have inspired her to “unretire” from the sport. Justine Henin’s proclamation this past Tuesday that she’s coming back after almost 1.5 years adds to the surging number of high-profile but temporary retirements in the game of tennis. Of course, she really does think she can win the next Wimbledon, I’m sure.  I doubt the picture below will happen again..do you agree?

Justine Henin & Kim Clijsters in 2003

Justine Henin being cocky & Kim Clijsters sad in 2003

In the last six years, three other former female No. 1s besides Henin—Martina Hingis (foot injury), Kim Clijsters (pregnancy/burnout) and Lindsay Davenport (pregnancy) — announced they were done and then subsequently unretired. Each enjoyed success in their comebacks, including Clijsters’ phenomenal run to the U.S. Open title this month as an unranked wild card in just her third tournament back. Continue reading

Serena Williams & Kanye West have something in common

Tennis star Serena Williams and hip-hop artist Kanye West have something in common.  In the words of Bon Qui Qui, they were both “rude”.

That’s the kind of out-sized sense of self-importance that landed this unlikely pair, tennis player Serena Williams and musician Kanye West in a shared spotlight this week. Their outbursts sparked a pitched debate over the nation’s sinking morals, the presumed decline of civility, the lingering racism in our supposedly post-racial society.

Kanye West grabs mic frmo Taylor Swift - MTV awards 2009

Kanye West grabs mic frmo Taylor Swift - MTV awards 2009

But a week riding the roller coaster of excuses, judgments and apologies has led me to a more optimistic place. There was musical genius Kanye West — with his dark glasses and edgy haircut — muscling in on waif-like Taylor Swift in the middle of her thank-you speech at the MTV Video Music Awards. Her country music innocence upended by his Bon qui-qui rudeness. Continue reading