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Tennis Tantrum by David Nalbandian saddens me and injures lineman

I first saw David Nalbandian play in person at the US Open back in 2008 I believe.  I will never forget when he missed a key point to lose the set and bit into the collar of his shirt and ripped it off and threw it on the ground.  Before he did this I was thinking how surprised I was that he wasn’t ranked higher, he played with the skill set of the top 5 BUT his lack of self control caused his mental game to fall apart after that where he went on to lose a match that I thought he was sure to win.

David Nalbandian injures linesman final

David Nalbandian injures linesman final – Queens Club London, England. This is the warm up for the 2012 Wimbledon.

We’ve all heard of players that went through phases of temper tantrums in their youth that learned how to control it with the help of great coaches. Then there were legendary players that were known for their tantrums like John McEnroe.  I believe his conduct actually helped ticket sales since you never knew what he was going to do out there on the court or what would slip out of his mouth.  With most players you can expect certain things:

  • Maria Sharapova will scream like a little girl every shot.
  • Sharapova also does not step on the lines between points, she’s superstitious.
  • Djokovic will bounce the ball at least 8x before he serves it
  • Nadal’s constant de-wedgifying of his butt crack

Nalbandian was leading 7-6, 3-4 at the time but was forced to default the match, forfeiting his prize money and rankings points in the process. He definately is a hot head and will be back at Wimbledon next week unless the British police put him in prison for longer than that.

Watch the video of this stupid act below: