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What is the cause of increased professional tennis injuries?

It’s obvious we have a problem in the world of professional tennis.  Imagine if 15% of the star players in soccer, basketball, baseball or football were all injured in one season?  The sponsors of the game would investigate safety issues and see if the season was to demanding.  Even Nadal complained in a recent interview about the ATP schedule citing the toll it has taken on his body. “It’s impossible to play first of January to finish fifth of December,” he said. “It’s impossible to be here playing like what I did the last five years, playing a lot of matches and being all the time 100 percent without problems.” 

Here is the quick list of tennis injuries that have happened in 2009 and what tournament it occured at:

Tennis Injuries - is the season to long?

Tennis injuries - is the season to long?

  • Roger Federer (fatigue) – after US Open taking a break
  • Rafael Nadal (knee, stomach) – US Open
  • Andy Roddick (knee injury) – Shanghai Masters – “I think it’s ridiculous to think that you have a professional sport Continue reading

Chris Evert & Greg Norman headed to divorce court?

Is divorce the only way for this celebrity couple to settle their differences?

Chris Evert & Greg Norman getting Divorced?

Chris Evert & Greg Norman getting Divorced?

Last week, Norman announced in a statement that he had separated from his wife of 15 months, tennis legend Chris Evert. And that came just a few days after Norman had surgery on his right shoulder.

This week Greg Norman has flown to San Francisco to captain the International team in the Presidents Cup.  Cris Evert is home in Florida, where a photo was  snapped a shot of the tennis legend’s unadorned ring finger, just 15 months after the couple laid out $2 million for a wedding ceremony. Continue reading

Roger Federer’s insane between the legs shot against Novak Djokovic – 2009 US Open

Can anyone prevent Roger Federer from taking his 6th US Open? He’s just tore up Novak Djokovic in the semi-final of the 2009 US Open & is on course for another US Open title. How many total titles is that, I’ve lost count….

And what a way to do it. Watch this shot, between his legs, already been described as the best shot of his career & arguably the most audacious & best in tennis history:

Roger Federer between legs tennis shot - 2009 US Open

Roger Federer between legs tennis shot - 2009 US Open

On the next-to-last point of the match, Federer hit what he called the best shot of his life. Djokovic was serving and seemingly in control of the point, standing at the net and watching for his just-hit lob to land out of Federer’s reach.

Except Federer materialized at the baseline just when the lob landed. With his back to the net, Federer swung the racket between his legs — and hit a clean winner past Djokovic. The crowd roared, and Federer’s forehand return winner that followed on match point was anticlimactic.

“On those shots, you just say, ‘Well done, too good.’ What can you do?” Djokovic said. While Federer was still on the court, the point was replayed on the scoreboard video screens at Arthur Ashe Stadium, and Federer exclaimed, “That’s unbelievable.” After this exciting win he is now facing Juan Martin del Potro in Monday’s final.

It’s this kind of split second, athletic genius & audacity that sets the champions out from the mere greats. Who would dare attempt a crazy shot like this when the entire match has been so close?  I am linking over the to the entire youtube clip if you want to see this in action.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVQhIEPbM0g

Many are now arguing this could be the best tennis point in history….I disagree.  What do you think was the best tennis point in history?

Head Youtek Tennis Racquet reviews, photos, & videos

Novak Djokovic has been playing some awesome tennis recently, and coincidentally he has been using a new HEAD tennis racket: the YouTek Speed MP.

Novak Djokovic (nice blue) playing with his Head Youtek Speed MP racket

Novak Djokovic (nice blue) playing with his Head Youtek Speed MP racket

Finally, a “Smart material” technology that morphs to a tennis players unique requirements.  Speed kills, check out the DMV’s website for actual facts proving this. But in tennis it’s highly desired.  It’s no wonder the new generation of tennis players want speed in their hands. With the launch of Head’s Youtek Speed series, athletes can now obtain it, as the this racket line is aimed at a diverse set of players chasing the no longer elusive combination of touch and explosive power.

The new Youtek tennis series from Head

The new Youtek tennis series from Head

Continue reading

Can Rafael Nadal win the 2008 US Open?

Nadal roll saround in victory

Nadal roll saround in victory

This first week of September, the tennis community will be biting their nails watching to see whether Nadal will close the deal this summer or whether Federer will be able to bounce back with the mental challenges of having the No. 1 ranking torn from his grasp for the first time in 1/20th of a century.

Nadal has never made it past the quarterfinals at the US Open or Australian Open, which are played on hard courts – (except once). And other players, such as #3 Novak Djokovic, who will be looking to follow up on his win over Federer in this year’s Australian Open, and past US Open champ Andy Roddick, could easily take the trophy for the tournament as well. Continue reading

Novak gets ankle injury

For a split secondit seemed that this US Open might be a little be closed faster than many anticipated when Novak Djokovic, one of the favourites, went over on his left ankle.

The 21-year-old Serb, who was runner-up here in New York last year, had been cruising through his first-round match against the French veteran Arnaud Clement when the accident happened. But after having the ankle strapped he picked up where he left off to complete a comfortable victory without further mishap, winning 6-3, 6-3, 6-4.

Djokovic is well known for his impersonations of other players and cynics might have suggested he was merely mimicking the accident-prone Briton Andy Murray, who, as it happens, plays with one ankle permanently strapped. But the injury was real enough, if not too serious. Continue reading