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Kim Clijsters inspires Justine Henin to return to tennis

OK, Justine did not say this about Kim Clijsters but we all know it must have inspired her to “unretire” from the sport. Justine Henin’s proclamation this past Tuesday that she’s coming back after almost 1.5 years adds to the surging number of high-profile but temporary retirements in the game of tennis. Of course, she really does think she can win the next Wimbledon, I’m sure.  I doubt the picture below will happen again..do you agree?

Justine Henin & Kim Clijsters in 2003

Justine Henin being cocky & Kim Clijsters sad in 2003

In the last six years, three other former female No. 1s besides Henin—Martina Hingis (foot injury), Kim Clijsters (pregnancy/burnout) and Lindsay Davenport (pregnancy) — announced they were done and then subsequently unretired. Each enjoyed success in their comebacks, including Clijsters’ phenomenal run to the U.S. Open title this month as an unranked wild card in just her third tournament back. Continue reading


Exclusive photos of Roger & Mirka’s Federer Twins

It’s about time Roger changed out the batteries in his camera and posted pics of his beautiful baby girls, Charlene Riva and Myla Rose, on his facebook page. Meanwhile, Wimbledon champion Federer has released the first public picture of his daughters on his Facebook page.  Belo is the photo of himself and wife Mirka each holding one of the babies, Federer wrote: “As promised, here is a family picture that my dad took. He thinks he’s becoming a professional photographer.”

Roger Federer Exclusive photo, Charlene Riva & Myla Rose

Roger Federer Exclusive photo, Charlene Riva & Myla Rose

“It was very funny as both girls had the hiccups while we were trying to take a decent picture. The girls and mom are doing great – thanks for all your warm wishes.”

The 27-year-old top-ranked tennis great married Mirka in April. He announced her pregnancy in March, but it was a well-kept secret that she was expecting twins.  Charlene Riva and Myla Rose were born July 23 on what Federer said was the best day of his life.

I wonder if Federer waited to take pictures of the babies so their heads would return to a normal shape instead of the infamous cone shape most babies heads look like.

One fan had this to say:

Awwww, so sweet! Gorgeous family, I love how each parent is looking at the other twin, kind of like they want to be involved in both whether they’re being held or just watched. Congrats to them on their lovely girls!!! BTW, does anyone know, are the girls identical or fraternal? I can’t tell from the way they’re positioned.

PS Great pic, grandpa! Yo ushould have gotten $100,000 and let a professional take it anyway.
Anyone know the answer to this question.  No one has told us yet? Are these twin girl identical or franternal?

Andy Roddick slips past Lleyton Hewitt at the 2009 Wimbledon

Andy Roddick brought former champion Lleyton Hewitt’s fine Wimbledon run to an end on Thursday with an energy-sapping 6-3 6-7 7-6 4-6 6-4 quarter-final victory on Court One.

Quick recap of this amazing 3 hour game between Andy Roddick & Lleyton Hewitt at the 2009 Wimbledon:

Adny Roddick thumbs up after beating Lleyton Hewitt at the 2009 Wimbledon

Adny Roddick thumbs up after beating Lleyton Hewitt at the 2009 Wimbledon

5pm: Would Murray prefer to face Hewitt or Roddick in the semis? “Both are tough, they’ve got a lot of experience, Continue reading

Screaming & grunting to be banned from tennis, really? Sorry Sharapova…

Time magazine and others report that officials at this year’s Wimbledon tournament might crack down on loud screams during play – possibly banning it.

Maria Sharapova Screams while hitting

Maria Sharapova Screams while hitting

With new attention brought to it Martina Navratilova’s call for grunting to be deemed cheating, the International Tennis Federation is poised to crack down.The ITF is considering broadening the measures that officials can take in penalizing repeat offenders such as Maria Sharapova. Umpires already can award a point against players if their grunting is deemed to have hindered their opponent. But now the ITF is weighing up whether to include “noise hindrance” in its code of conduct, according to Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper.

Under the new rule, persistent offenders could be Continue reading

Time to give thanks for all things tennis

This has been a good year for tennis. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, whose dazzling five-set Wimbledon final provided tennis with a match for the ages, this match halted Federe’s five-year reign at Wimbledon and supplanted the mighty Swiss atop the rankings, a position Federer owned for a record 4 1/2 years without interruption. Nadal cemented his No. 1 status by dominating Federer with four wins in as many tries in his great 2008.

Rafa also captured three Masters Series events this year and was the runner-up at two other tournaments, as he appeared in 10 finals all told (8-2). All these accomplishments helped him become the first-ever Spanish year-end No. 1. In addition to his Wimbledon setback, the 57-time ATP titlist Federer also lost his two-year hold on the Masters Cup title, which went to Djokovic, who is only a few points behind the Swiss superstar for the second spot on the ATP rankings list.

Honorable mention this year goes to a pair of men who finished just outside the Top 10 — Argentine David Nalbandian and Spaniard David Ferrer. The former Wimbledon runner-up and former Masters Cup champion Nalbandian went 44-16 with a pair of titles in five finals, while Ferrer came in at 44-23 with two titles (and a Davis Cup championship).

Their’s also some I need to highlight NOT in the top 10.  The new Davis Cup champs hail from Spain, which upset the host Argentines 3-1 in the final, with Fernando Verdasco, playing in place of Ferrer, outlasting Jose Acasuso in a five-set thriller in the fourth rubber. The Nadal-less tie featured three of the Top-12 players in the world, but the final match was decided by a pair of players outside the Top 15. Including the doubles rubber in Mar del Plata, Verdasco went 2-0 for the week, as did his fellow lefthander Feliciano Lopez, who played alongside Verdasco in the dubs and won his singles match on Day 1 of the final.